The Brain Speaks 1 (TBS1)


16 Aug 2017


19 Aug 2017



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The Living Well Workshop Co.



SGD 1,300.00


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TBS1 explores the potential for communicating with a person’s brain – namely its subdivisions, structural components and individual neurons. It’s a candid and in-depth exploration into the possibilities that may be achieved by tapping into the collective consciousness of an organ or tissue using imagery and dialogue. While the class includes lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice, an integral component is the sharing of experiences among participants as they practice and assimilate their encounters while communicating with another person’s brain.

Course Highlights

  • Receive detailed instruction in neuroanatomy, physiology and biochemical processes of neurological function.
  • Be guided into imagery and dialogue with specific brain and spinal cord parts and their dysfunctional units.
  • Attempt, upon dialogue initiation, to obtain information from those central nervous system parts and functional units that relate to the individual’s present health and vitality, stresses, past injuries or physiological conditions that may be suboptimal.


SER1 – SomatoEmotional Release 1

Required Advance Reading:

A Brain Is Born by John E. Upledger, DO, OMM. 

Required text for class:

Netter’s Atlas of Human Neuroscience.
Bring this with you to the seminar.

Terms & conditions

By registering for this course, the registrant is agreeing to the terms and conditions stated.
Upon registration, $60 non-refundable.
Less than 30 days cancellation, 50% non-refundable.
Less than 2 weeks cancellation, 100% non-refundable.
No refund will be given if you do not complete any part of the 4 day course.
In the unforeseen event that the course is cancelled/postponed, participants have the option to transfer the amount paid to another class or receive a full refund. The Living Well Workshop Co. will not be responsible for any travel expenses incurred by the course participant.