The Strategic Crossroads of The Body (SCB)


4 Dec 2017


6 Dec 2017





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Pleura, fascias and peritoneum are considered as mechanical and immunologic protective envelopes to their contents. They permit harmonious gliding of all the stuctures they surround. Their fibers have very precise and logical directions, according to their different mechanical roles .Pleura, fascias and peritoneum, in addition to their mechanical roles permit also electromagnetical waves transmissions.
To certain locations, there are pleural, fascial and peritoneal  intersections according to well delimited crossroads. There is always a risk of neurovascular compression.
The fibers are naturally thicker but sometimes following traumatic, surgical or infectious factors they become fibrosed creating strong compressions with negative effects on the neurovascular and visceral  systems.
This seminar will permit you to locate the most important crossroads and to find the way to release their tensions with  precise and specific techniques.


VM1 and VM2

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