Promotional Sponsor Program

Help Spread the Word about CS1, VM1, NM1, LDT1 and Receive Financial Compensation as a Thank you!

Word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising. If you have found value with what you have learnt, share your enthusiasm.

Become a BUS Promotional Sponsor

A Promotional Sponsor shares his/her CST, VM, NM & LDT experiences with colleagues. Most people prefer to attend continuing education classes that are highly recommended by someone they know.

Promotional Ideas

  • Call/email practitioners you know and explain how these modalities have benefited your practice/clients.
  • Present lectures at meetings.
  • Set up in-services with clinics and hospitals.
  • Write articles for local newsletters.

Thank You

Promotional Sponsors will receive 10% tuition credit or 5% cash for each new person they refer who completes the Level 1 course.

Generate Clients and Referrals

While sharing information about these modalities, you may find that your colleagues are interested in receiving treatment, or they have clients that would benefit from your treatment. Become known as the leading CST/NM/VM or LDT practitioner in your area.

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